Join us!

Indie South began in 2006 with a group of friends coming together for a tiny craft market at the holidays and quickly grew into the largest arts festival in the Athens area. We are currently expanding to other cities to bring our vision to the entire Southeast. We are an alliance of makers, curators, and entrepreneurs forging connections between art and commerce, craft and business, individuals and the public. Indie South is more than just a marketplace and we invite everyone to join our creative community through events, workshops, gatherings and talks so that we may learn from each other as we grow.

At Indie South, artists come first.

Indie South was created by a veteran vendor of markets and fairs. With nearly 15 years of experience traveling the country selling at both national and local events, organizer and founder Serra Ferguson understands how to create an experience that serves both the vendor and the customer.  She knows that the cornerstone of any successful marketplace are the artists who bring their best work, and that’s why at Indie South, our artists come first. We exist to promote you and grow your business, and your success matters to us.

Our events are different.

We bring a balanced, festive atmosphere where everyone is enjoying themselves whether they are selling or attending. There’s a laid back, welcoming vibe where friendships blossom, inspiration abounds, and good times are had. An eclectic mix of vendors, plus other features like food trucks, tintype photo booths, kids activities and workshops insure that there is more to do than just shop at an Indie South event. Bringing people together to appreciate beauty, craft, and imagination is what we love to do.

We want to provide you more than just a space to sell your work.

Indie South is not just a modern makers’ marketplace. After 10 years in the business we have developed knowledge that you only get from experience, from seeing firsthand what works and what doesn’t. We want to use this practical understanding to provide you with the education and resources you need to grow your business, from startup to established brand. Being a creative entrepreneur brings special challenges, and we are here to help you figure them out. We enjoy fostering emerging talent and want to see your business succeed.

Start small and grow with us.

We are an incubator for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. A way to try out new products, connect with like-minded people, explore new markets, and build your community.  We are fostering connections across the Southeast, and we want to create a network of makers and doers that will lift each other up to a new level. We will soon begin offering even more services to our artists and are currently looking at potential retail spaces to provide even more to options for artists to participate in our creative community.

Let’s go on the road together!

As we grow into other cities, we are cultivating a core group of artists who will join us around the Southeast. We believe this is a great way to connect with new audiences and try your work in different markets with an event you can trust. As we gain supporters and followers in different places, Indie South makers and curators will have the opportunity to build a base of customers on a regional level that will purchase from them throughout the year.

The benefits of joining our creative community are many.

We offer a 10% discount for artists and vendors who sign up for three or more shows at once, so check our calendar and plan your year with Indie South.  If another first-time applicant tells us they applied because you told them about our fest, you will both receive a refund of your application fees. We provide our vendors with media kits to help you promote and tips for making the most of our events. We feature vendors on our social media, including our blog, to highlight your work and give you even more exposure. We care about our artists and will elevate their work at every opportunity.